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O paradigma da Ciência Aberta está redefinindo a relação entre pesquisa, educação e transformação social. Atualmente, nos deparamos com uma quantidade sem precedentes de informação e novas tecnologias que nos desafiam a inovar. Nossa rede de pesquisa busca combinar dados, ferramentas de síntese e conceitos transdisciplinares que são a matéria-prima das inovações que farão frente ao desafio universal de promovermos a sustentabildiade. 

Open Science

We are aligned with emerging trends in the paradigmatic revolution catalyzed by the encounter between Information Science and Sustainability Science.


Our DATAVERSE repository stands on the shoulders of giants with high-level information curation based on FAIR and CARE principles.


Our research network is developing tools for data visualization and analysis to support research, teaching and applications.


FairDataBR is a tool developed by researchers at the Federal University of Paraíba to verify data adherence to FAIR principles.

New trends for the 21st century

A new way of making Science to transform the Anthropocene

The Anthropocene is the epoch we live in, in which human activities are key drivers of ecological, evolutionary and biogeochemical processes that define ecosystems. It is also a time of unprecedented availability of information and technological tools. How can we use these tools to model diverse and functioning ecosystems associated with inclusive and thriving bioeconomies?

Findable, accessible, interoperable and reusable data

FAIR FAIR principles and open data

The FAIR principles are one of the keystones of Open Science and refer to how we organize, preserve, make available and reuse the data that constitute the raw material of science and innovations. Understand why FAIR principles are the basis of a new era in scientific practice.

Uma rede de pesquisa socioecológica no Nordeste do Brasil

DATAPB and the

DATAPB develops e-Science, sustainable governance and environmental education projects in the context of the IDEAL International Joint Laboratory. IDEAL is a Franco-Brazilian research consortium applying artificial intelligence and data science to sustainability, comprising more than 50 researchers and 11 institutions and operating in 4 states in Northeast Brazil. Learn more about our goals and actions.